Small Groups are the #1 Factor in Church Growth

Do your small groups start with a bang but soon fizzle out? Our guide will help you change that. Through research-based strategies you'll create healthier, more energetic groups that experience deeper community. 


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Here’s a surprising fact: You can promote your small group ministry in every imaginable way, but it will have no effect on the growth of your small groups.*

Push them on Facebook, in the bulletin, through email blasts. The research shows it won't matter.

You’ve probably found this to be true in your church. Small groups start strong but slowly fade. Why?

It's not because you're using the wrong curriculum, and it's not because you didn't market enough. Those things might drive attendance at first, but they won't keep people coming and they won't spur growth.

If you want your small groups to thrive (and remember, they are the number one factor in church growth*), you have to apply certain techniques to every meeting, and you have to coach your leaders in these techniques.

Most groups fade because they aren't doing this. But groups that implement these strategies create healthier, more energetic groups that experience deeper community.*

And their groups thrive because of it. Growth happens naturally––group members are excited to invite others to attend.

Download our free guide today. We'll give you research-based techniques to improve your groups now.

Your church will benefit from, and thank you for, your efforts. Small groups are where people form intimate bonds, share their struggles, and become true disciples. 

The early Church gave us the small group model, so it should come as no surprise that when they function well, churches grow and lives change.

You can create a thriving small group ministry. Getting your free guide is the first step.

You can create healthy, thriving small groups. They don't have to fizzle and fade. Use our strategies and you'll literally see improvements at your next meeting. Even if it's tonight.

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*according to extensive research by Jim Egli and Dwight Marable in their book Small Groups Big Impact, as well as research from Natural Church Development.

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